We decided to open two offices today in anticipation that agents and their buyers would be booking appointments for condos and sending messages. How wrong we were. The market is hot, and the weather is perfect for viewing - sunny and pleasant for inspecting condos.

We had previously opened two offices on the Monday, Family Day in February. The market was not as active, but people were eager to look at condos. It makes it hard to plan and accomodate the public when you can not even predict the outcome. As they say: you spend your money - on salaries, utilities, etc. and you take your chances.

Well the next holiday is July 1, and I can tell you that we will be closed - all four offices no matter how the market is performing. What I have learned in some 30 years in real estate is that when agents are working, there are always sales; and when agents decide to slow down or take time off, then the market also grinds to a halt!

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