I just finished reading the latest TD Bank Report on the real estate market in the Globe and Mail: ‘How Canada avoided housing bubble and crash’. These are the same economists who forecast a Canadian housing bubble and that prices would drop 15-20%. Now a different tune. The Report traces events from the crash in October of 2008 and identifies market turning points that TD was never aware of, or failed to comment on before. I feel that TD must now be reading my blog and took all of the dates they missed from our own RE/MAX Condos Market Reports!! They even identified that the trough for this last market change was in July – surprise! We told everyone that back in September. So what will 2011 hold? We are currently working on our own Market Forecast. A preliminary peak suggests that 2011 will be quite boring in contrast to the roller coaster rides of 2008, 2009, and 2010.

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