Real Estate Week in 60 Seconds-June 3rd

Real Estate 60 Seconds-June 3 from Re/Max Condos on Vimeo.

June is here, the sales month we have all been waiting for and the month we have been talking about as The make or break month for 2014. Believe it or not the focus this week seems to be million dollar condos on the Toronto waterfront. One was listed over the weekend and by today there were three offers already registered. Also, today we had three other buyers in our office, and guess what, they’re looking for condos over a million dollars too.

To close my story on million dollar condos there is also one listed as a mere posting. What does that mean? An out of town broker has it listed with instructions to deal directly with the sellers. Why are there so few showings for this property? Agents know that dealing with the seller direct is difficult. You end up doing both sides of the deal, more work, and you have to educate the seller and negotiate a commission. Agents tell me it is not worth the hassle, even if it is a million dollar condo.

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