Tuesday at the office and the appointments are steady but not out of this world. That's because it rained most of the day and people - read both buyers and agents don't want to venture out. Compare this to last Friday, March 24. The weather was good and the weekend forecast was supposed to be spectacular (even though it disappointed). We hit an all time record for appointments on our listings in a single day -287. It's funny but venturing out to buy a condo is important. But it is not day critical. That means you can postpone the decision on the assumption that the same properties will be there tomorrow. And that's where the logic fails. If you venture forth with everyone else, then you most likely will get caught in a multiple offer situation in today's market. But if you go out when everyone else stays home, chances are you will have the visit to yourself and probably the offer presentation too. Crazy as it seems. Go out to buy when the weather is poor and everyone else is staying home. You will get a better deal. Look at yesterday's blog and you will see when the bottom of the market was reached - right when the weather was bad. Yes weather does not ultimately determine a market but it does alter the level of sales in the short term. My advise, find an agent who likes to work in bad weather and you will come out ahead!!

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