St. Lawrence Market & Distillery District Condos and Lofts

French Quarter l & ll

115 Richmond St. E. & 120 Lombard St, Toronto

Building Description

The location of the French Quarter is unique, as it is situated in a historic part of Toronto. It is something NEW at the crossroads of Jarvis, Richmond and Lombard Street.

French Quarter l consists of 72 suites and is located at Lombard and Jarvis. French Quarter ll consists of 80 suites an is located at Lombard and Richmond.

These buildings offer affordable elegance. THere are one and two bedroom suites, some with balconies and terraces. Set in a neighbourhood that is close to Toronto Downtown shopping, recrepation and entertainment. With easy access to subway it is a convenient and fabulous place to live.


  • Rooftop Patio
  • Upscale Lounge with Bistro
  • Exercise Room



Condo Listings:

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